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Migrant Womens Emergency Hotline-1366 Tel. 1577-1366

The Migrant Women’s Emergency Hotline 1366 Center opens on November 2006 to support human rights, safety, and protection, through hotline services 365 days a year. Migrant women living in Korea, who have suffered from family violence, sexual assault, prostitution, and similar hardships, can receive counseling and interpretation support using their own languages.

What do we do?

* For migrant women, who are victims of violence, we provide:
    - Counseling call services 365 days a year
   - Counseling in six languages, including Vietnamese, Chinese, English, Russian, Thai, and Mongolian
   - Interview counseling, if required
* Emergency intervention, interview counseling, legal advice with phone interpretation services
* Information and guidance about the law for life enrichment in Korea
* Connection with other emergency support services
- Emergency equipped shelter management for victims of family violence,     sexual assault, and prostitution
-  Medical treatment, legal advice, and police services
(criminal and civil legal action), etc.
* Public campaigns designed to improve public awareness of migrant women’s problems.
* Statistical accounts of migrant women, who are victimized by violence

How do we manage this organization?

* The Ministry of Gender, Equality and Family has entrusted
the Women Migrants Human Rights Center to manage the hotline

* Advisory committees are composed of professional counselors, lawyers, etc.
* Women’s organizations, migrant workers’ organizations, and government agencies
communicate as a network, and through cooperation, support our work.
* We provide a ONE-STOP hub complete with consultation offices and a shelter for migrant women.

Support and Volunteer Method
□ you can help  volunteer counselor
Woori Bank 1005-901-094-662
(Depositing account: Woman migrant Emergency hotline 1366center)
The Migrant Women’s Emergency Hotline 1366
Soongin-dong 1253 DongBo 306 Jongno-gu Seoulcity 110-550
Telephone #: 02) 927-1410                        Fax: 02) 927-1360
E-mail: wm1366@hotmail.net                     Homepage : www.liveinkorea.kr
For counseling call: 1577-1366 (land) 



Migrant Women's Hotline: 1577-1366 We protect the rights and safety of marriage migrant women living in Korea.If you have ever been a victim of domestic violence, sexual violence, sexual traffic or any other form of abuse, please call the Migrant Women's Hotline at 1577-1366 for shelter and support. Psychological, medical, legal and counseling services are available.
You can receive counseling in your language through professional counselors who speak Vietnamese, Chinese, Tagalog, Khmer, Uzbek, Mongolian, Russian, Thai, Nepali, Laotian, Japanese and English.
We provide safe shelter, medical care and legal support when you need urgent protection from domestic violence, sexual violence, sexual traffic or abuse.
We help you through consultation when you face difficulty or need help in daily living. Legal consulting is provided for stay, acquisition of nationality or family problems.
After the counseling, you are connected to professional counseling center, shelter, lawyer, hospital, women's organization or welfare center so that you can receive practical helps to solve the problem.
* Homepage : www.liveinkorea.kr
Support for the Victim of Violence
- Provision of 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year counseling in their own languages and offering emergency aid for victim immigrant women from domestic violence, sexual violence or sexual traffic
Main function
- The counselors, who are consisted of multinational immigrant women, provide consultation on
  domestic violence, family conflict, sexual violence, sexual traffic, stay, law, etc.
* Service language : 13 languages of Vietnamese, Chinese, Tagalog, Khmer, Uzbek, Mongolian,
  Russian, Thai, Nepali, Laotian, Japanese, English and Korean
Operation status in 2015
- 7 places nationwide: Seoul, Suwon, Deajeon, Kwangju, Busan, Jeonju and Kumi
Counseling Telephone Number: 1577- 1366 (You can call anywhere in the country without local area code)
1577-1366 Emergency Support Center for Migrant women: Social welfare organizations, Hospital & public health center, Police & prosecution office, Legal services
Introduction on Immigrant Women Protection Facility
- Implementation of the following supports for the victim immigrant women from domestic
  violence, sexual violence, sexual traffic, etc. and their accompanying children
- Support for Operation of Shelters for Immigrant Women : 25 shelters nationwide
                                                                                  (unit: place, person as of January 1, 2015)
Interpretation Service
Total Seo
Number of place 25 4 1 2 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 1
Capacity 286 46 15 24 11 11 15 13 29 11 11 11 24 20 22 12 11

        - Main Businesses
          * Counseling & treatment for mental stability and adaptation to the society, and provision of
          * Medical assistance including transfer to the medical institution for medical treatment and
            health care
          * Accompanying at the investigation agency and at the examination of witness in court
          * Request to legal aid organizations for cooperation and assistance required
          * Implementation of self-reliance education and provision of employment information
          * Support related to departure to the mother country
          * Matters consigned to the protection facility by other laws
          * Other things necessary for the protection of victims
Support for Operation of Self Support Center for Immigrant Women
- Operation status : one place (Seoul)
- To support for easy settlement of immigrant women at our society by providing residence
  for the victim of domestic violence, etc. and their children and assist their economic self-reliance
  by offering vocational training and education
- Major function
  * Provision of dwelling and basic livelihood for victim women and their children
    (counseling for psychological stability and adaptation to the society; medical support for
    treatment and health care; and legal support)
  * Training & education on vocational skill and job placement support for self-reliance of immigrant
    (education on employment or establishment of a business and linkage to professional training
    institute outside; reeducation on Korean, computer and living culture for settlement into the
    society; and follow-up service after employment or foundation of a business)
  * Support for childcare of accompanying children
Support for Operation of Group Home for Immigrant Women
- Operation status: 2 group homes in Seoul
  * Facility to support self-reliance of victim immigrant women and their children by providing